Real team building means real team development

Our background is in learning and development and that shows in all of our activities. Every single one of them can be used to extract genuine team development that makes a positive difference back at work. Some, however, are more focused on development than others and the list above are ones that make the biggest differences back in the workplace.

Probably our flagship offering is Liberation, a fantastic state-of-the-art option that is absorbing like no other. But the other offerings are far from second class and we help clients choose the best activity for their needs, time available and, of course, budget.

Structured debriefing process

At the heart of the success of our learning-focused activities is our own, uniquely powerful debriefing process. If you’ve ever attended team building yourself in the past, and if it had a debrief, you’ll probably have been asked after the action had finished “what did you do well” and “what could you have done better”. Well, it’s no wonder teams nearly always say the same things without more direction that that! Our process focuses on key aspects of the activities that have genuine parallels back in the workplace.

It’s little wonder then that our debriefing process is not only extremenly effective but also almost as enjoyable as the activity itself!

The next step

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