Team building with depth …

Now here’s a tip for a great team building activity that has more to it than the eye can see. To be more specific, the tip of an iceberg. Can your team save the passengers? An excellent indoor activity.

Key Facts

Suitable for any time from 2.5 hours to a full day, its characteristics include:

Unusual and challenging
Involves everyone
Flexible timings
Build a real steamship!
Creates a real buzz

Recommended when team learning is particularly important.

You are in a conference at a remote coastal hotel, so far from civilisation that it doesn’t even have a telephone and no mobile phone has ever been known to find a signal. Ideal for ensuring a concentrated meeting without any distractions. Or so you thought …

Unusual solar flare conditions have paralysed global communications. Yet somehow, a signal has got through to you. A stricken small cruise ship needs help and you are the only ones they can communicate with.

Can you rise to the challenge?

An Interesting Scenario

The ship’s captain, along with all the crew, has been incapacitated by severe food poisoning. None of the 20 passengers has any experience at sea. The ship is adrift and it seems that it is heading into iceberg territory. Your team is their only hope.

A computer gives you communication to the distressed passengers and access to various useful pieces of information, including about the ship and maps of the region the ship is in.

  • Can you calm the passengers down?
  • Can you assimilate the information and help them regain control of the ship?
  • Can you help them stabilise the crew?
  • Can you find out where they are and help them steer a course to safety for the ship and medical attention for the crew?

A variety of tasks present themselves as you battle against time to help the passengers. Good team work and communications will be essential if you are to succeed!