Executive team building activities


Attributes helps senior teams become more effective and explores organisational leadership techniques...

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With a focus on planning and delivery, Iceberg’s crisis scenario is a great way for senior teams to test their mettle...

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One of the few team activities to offer senior teams an insight into strategic management and its pitfalls...

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Wild West

Strategic thinking, resource planning, balancing conflicting KPIs and delivering results in a fabulous themed event...

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Activities that are suited to senior management teams and can deliver a real challenge with real executive-level learning are few and far between. Our executive team building options all offer that.

Executive team building needs a different focus ...

Company executives and senior managers play a key role in promoting organisational change and creating success. The same is true for senior officers in the public sector, of course. Gaining a better understanding of the group dynamic, possibly while under pressure, plays a huge role in managing and leading people. Working with the team building specialists at Sandstone, you'll have the opportunity to improve your effectiveness as a senior team. You'll also better understand the challenges involved in developing and implementing a strategy for your organisation.

For Executives and Senior Managers

Communicating a plan and ensuring the right people are tasked with putting it into action can be a monumental task. At the same time, an executive team needs to provide the leadership and motivation required. Senior people are often mistakenly left out of team building activities. However, there's always a case to be made for focusing on executive leadership and communication - allowing fresh insight into the business operation and its people.

Invest In Your Organisation's Leaders

Investing in team building activities for company executives brings positive results to an entire company. A more aligned, focused and cohesive team has the power to interact more effectively within the organisation, providing inspiration and leadership.

Seriously Great Team Building for Executive Teams

At Sandstone, we put more energy into selecting and tailoring the right team building activity than we do the venue, the menu and all other logistical elements combined. Where it happens is far less important than what you do - and therefore what you take away from it. For top results we know that the activity selected to deliver relevant team building for executive teams can't be just an afterthought. The decision makers in an organisation deserve more than that. Sandstone events are meticulously planned and flawlessly executed, with sufficient time set aside for debriefing.