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Christmas Team Building

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

It’s that time of year again.  Halloween still to come but the Christmas decorations are out in the shops and people are starting to plan ahead.  What size turkey?  What shall I get Great Aunt Matilda?  Plus all the many other thoughts that cross our minds when it comes to Christmas!

Well, for many organisations and indeed departments and teams, the best liked plan is to have a Christmas get-together as a thank you and celebration – and who can blame them?  We’ve been finding that more and more teams are choosing to do something fun and useful with their time, usually as well as having a meal and the drinking that tends to go with such occasions.  So why don’t you try something different too, like one of our unique team building activities?  Our options are great fun, different and offer something for everyone – whatever they enjoy doing.  Why not give us a call and we can help you find the right Christmas team building event for you, whether it be the likes of Cube, First Contact, Memory Lane, Romanbar, Wild West or one of our other options!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed, because we enjoy them too!


Developing Team Spirit

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I decided this next blog entry should be mine.  When our clients call in to speak with me (Nikki), some of them would like help in identifying the right team building activity for their group.  Normally I prefer to ask a few quick questions to make sure I have the right recommendation.  Some people aren’t too sure what it is they would like to get our of their team building event.  In such cases I’m happy to give some suggestions for them to chose from.  These vary from just good old fun, to building team morale, to developing teams and team work, to collaboration, to developing leaders, to identifying individual and team strengths and weaknesses.  And many more if they want them!

Other people already know what it is they would like to achieve.  A very popular desired outcome at the moment is developing team spirit. And what a great one to focus on!  There has been a fair bit of doom and gloom around recently and the British summer certainly hasn’t helped matters!  So some clients are just looking to help build their team’s morale and team spirit again.  And get some smiles back on people’s faces.  A happy workforce is a productive workforce.  And we are strong believers that our team building activities can help you achieve just that.  We have fun, different and unique team building events for you to have a go at and help develop your team’s spirit!


Team Building Event of the Month

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Well I’m delighted to say it’s that time again and I get to talk about my favourite event in the month just gone!  This time I’m writing about a new activity of ours that regular readers of our blog will have heard about previously.  So which activity am I talking about?  Well it is our new, exciting and engaging team building activity called First Contact.

We were in central London and based in two separate rooms, one for our fabulous First Contact maze and one for the teams to be based in and complete the many different tasks they were faced with.  The teams got straight into every task we offered from building their own robot from really interesting materials, to the moonwalking relay and asteroid jumping.  Not to mention coming to grips with using their very own robots all called Max!

The more tasks each team had a go at and the more they completed the more time they had in the maze with their Max.  The more time you have in the maze the longer you get to spend finding the various clues to our big answer.  Once they found all the clues and worked out their answer, the first to hand it in won!  Well these guys really got into the team building spirit of it!  While some people were working with Max, other’s were shouting encouragement and others still were in the room with the maze, on the phone, telling their colleagues where to go!  There was a big buzz in both rooms and all three teams did amazingly well – and we enjoyed watching them as well.

An absolutely superb team building event.  Now I can’t wait till the next one!